Monday, August 29, 2011

Rugby Challenge a Tribute to Jonah Lomu

The first time I played Sidhe’s All Blacks Rugby Challenge, a couple of weeks back, it felt like New Zealand and Australia at Eden Park this year: big game atmosphere, attacking flair, exciting battles all around the park... and afterwards it looked like there was daylight between this kiwi outfit and the competition. Coming back to the finished game, though, I’d had time to digest things a little more, and I wanted to look beyond the flash and pomp and hype. Is everything really as immaculate as it seems, or does the first play through airbrush over some imperfections? Does the flashy experience hold up game after game? And does Rugby Challenge’s wealth of features really deliver what rugby fans will be anxious for?

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Rugby Challenge a Tribute to Jonah Lomu

Rugby is arguably the most physical game on the planet and that makes it one of the most exciting to watch and have a bet on. You can bet on everything from the first try scorer to the last, from the outright result to the winning or losing margins, you can have a punt on the most exciting game in the world right from your computer at home.

And what games can be produced! In 2000, At Sydney's Stadium Australia, in front of a world record 110,000 people, Australia played the New Zealand All Blacks in a game that many people have since called "the greatest game of rugby ever played".

After just eight minutes the All Blacks were leading by an unbelievable 24 to 0. Miraculously, the Wallabies came back and were leading 35 to 34 when, in the dying moments of the game, the great All Black winger Jonah Lomu scored the winning try. This and many more made him the beloved Rugby Champion he is today.

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