Monday, August 8, 2011

Rugby Challenge

With the new Rugby Challenge Game is about to be released and we have a look at the Game-Play Video and more from the creators Sidhe..

Amongst other things, Rugby Challenge will feature 98 teams, 31 stadia and 11 competitions as well as extensive Tutorial Mode options available for players new to the sport. The tutorial helps get you up to scratch and a lot of work has been put into making this both easy and accessible. Various skills, such as running between cones, practicing kicks, and many other drills will have you doing behind-the-back passes and side-stepping opponents in no time. Apart from single and multi-player options, you'll also be able to play up to 13 seasons and attempt a legacy in Franchise Mode. Franchise mode will include both international and representative teams. You will be able to choose a club and an international side to play as during the years. There is a World Championship in Franchise Mode.

Rugby Challenge will feature 94 licensed/unlicensed teams, an additional 4 miscellaneous teams, and 31 stadiums from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa & Europe. Due to rival game, Rugby World Cup 2011, the official strip/emblem/stadium/player likenesses of England, South Africa and France, and the official strip/emblem/stadium of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy will not be included within the game. However, due to Top 14, Aviva Premiership and RaboDirect Pro12 licenses the players of these countries will be included within the game (England, France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland & Italy). Rugby legend Jonah Lomu has also lent his likeness and expertise to the game, the European game will feature him on the cover, and the game will be called Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge.

Rugby Challenge will be based on Sidhe's previous Rugby League games. And we can't wait...! Orders will be available direct from this blog as soon as Sidhe anouce the release date for 2011.

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